Floating Hose Maintenance, Storage and Inventories

Although the life expectancy of a hose is closely linked to its location, use and the particular conditions of each site (weather, currents, handling, storage, etc.), it also depends on the correct maintenance. Repairing hoses offshore, when it is possible, is sometimes a long and delicate operation and may lead to long interruptions in terminal operations so repairing damage as soon as it appears and planning the superficial damage to be repaired onshore may prevent it from becoming worse or even irreversible and catastrophic.

Our expertise

UMS can provide a full floating hose management solution tailored to the end user’s specific requirements and in line with all recommended practices.

This includes;

  • Floating hose string assessment and calculations
  • Independent Floating hose manufacturer assessments
  • OrcaFlex modelling
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  • All aspects In field maintenance and testing including the provision of divers for in situ inspections
  • Floating hose ancillary equipment maintenance
  • Floating hose database and planned maintenance
  • Full suite of operational, planned and unplanned maintenance procedures
  • Management and gap analysis of spares held against recommended critical spare quantities
  • Provision of all maintenance equipment
  • Floating hose storage solutions
  • Hose life assessment and management
  • Emergency intervention
  • Health, Safety and environmental risk assessments

UMS will work with the end user to ensure that all areas of floating hose maintenance is covered and catered for.

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